Angelique won the first prize best singer/songwriter in Germany.

As a songwriter Angelique writes and produces songs for a number of artists, companies, tv, commericals, documentaires

If you want to improve your Voice, Angelique can help you with her GREAT VOICE MUSIC ACADEMY and VOICE YOGA ACADEMY to get the best out of you and your Voice. Are you a professional and want private Coaching, your welcome to reach out to my contact form.

Do you want a special heart/custom Song, written only for you and represent you. Visit https://angeliquebeauvence.com/custom-songs/

For a Special Concert, you can book her music programma or special heart tuned healing music program.

Angelique's Happy Healthy Veggie books are world wide available.

Angelique is the founder of a Horsefoundation. I am very proud I could and can help many horses and abandoned old horses to give them a forever home.

I wish you all Love


 " Non, je ne regrette rien.. . . a truly musical tour de force of Angelique Beauvence."

— Algemeen Dagblad

 "....With Beauvence, jazz festivals are enjoyable again."

— Gooi en Eemlander

 "Jazz is a too narrow concept for this phenomenon. Angelique’s timing and dynamics are stunning!"

— Leeuwarder Courant

  "A cracker of a singer! She swiftly brings the house down with her powerful voice. Her bloodcurdling yelling and whispering during a Nina Hagen act culminated in an absolute highlight. But equally easily does the rock diva get anybody to swing along with a merry country song!"

— de Telegraaf

  " Charismatische Sängerinnen stellten sich in diesem Jahr beim 23. Deutschen Song preis vor: Angelique Beauvence, eine Sängerin aus Holland, hatte den spontanen Einfall (auf Vorschlag eines Kollegen aus Deutschland), sich um den Deutschen Songpreis zu bewerben. Sie sollte Recht behalten: Mit einer an Magie grenzenden charismatischen Stimme ersang sie sich den 1. Deutschen Songpreis  und das, obwohl sie in Holland eigentlich als Jazzsängerin bekannt ist."

— Musiker Magazine

  "Sing with Freedom Coaching is so relaxing and I notice within a week difference to sing. I do not need to be afraid that it does not sound good. It's a relief to discover that I just can discover my voice calm. the power of my voice discover this way to me is really the must for anyone who wants to get the best out of his voice and will gain self-confidence! "


Susanne Stevens